4me & Atlassian’s Jira Software

4me & Atlassian’s Jira Software


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We often hear from customers that they would like to integrate their own ITSM tool with the task management of the internal or external application developer. So often that we now offer all 4me customers the possibility to make this happen within just a few minutes!


Our Azure DevOps App for 4me is

  • available to all 4me customers
  • ready for immediate use
  • free of charge

Key Features

4me requests for selected service instances are created as an issue in Jira.

File attachments and inline images are transmitted.

Bidirectional exchange of notes and comments.

Any mapping of service instances to Jira projects.

Both tickets contain a clickable link to the other ticket.

Information about each status change.

Reporting / audit via 4me possible at any time

Our packages

How To

Eure Fragen

What are the requirements?

Our apps are generally available to all 4me customers. If an app is not visible in the 4me App Store, a trust to Expertize may have to be set up. As soon as this is done, the apps can be easily installed and, if necessary, configured from within 4me.

  • Active 4me account (not Freemium)
  • Atlassian Jira Software (Cloud)

For the premium version of our Jira Software app, license keys may be required from July 1, 2022, which can be purchased from us as a monthly subscription.

What can the free Freemium version do?

The free edition of the Jira integration can create corresponding issues in Jira from requests in 4me. A mapping of 4me service instance(s) to Jira projects is done in the app settings.

The tickets each contain a note or comment with the clickable link to the associated ticket.

Updates such as new notes and status changes in 4me are added as comments in Jira.

When do I need the premium version?

The Premium Edition is interesting for all customers who want to integrate their 4me account bidirectionally with Jira.

Notes can be automatically translated into a target language.

Multiple service instances can be assigned to different Jira projects.

Do you offer annual subscriptions?

Definitely! And best of all: with a subscription for 12 months you get a discount, from 24 months even more discount 😉

What if I’m not satisfied with the app?

If you are not satisfied with our Jira Software app for 4me, you can easily cancel within 30 days before the end of the term. We don’t ask any questions either!

Can I try Premium before I decide to pay for it?

If you don’t want to continue using our service within the first 4 weeks, we’ll easily refund the remaining time. No questions asked!